Question 1.

Once I have applied for AuSPEN membership will I receive written notice that my membership has been approved?

Answer: No, AuSPEN will not provide written notice that your membership has been approved. Access to the website will be given to you within one week of applying. You will only hear from the AuSPEN Council if your membership has not been approved.


Question 2.

Why can I not access the membership section on the website after I have applied for membership?

Answer: Your membership will need to be processed by the AuSPEN Secretary. Please allow one week for access to be set up.


Question 3.

When will I get my ESPEN login?

Your details will be sent to the ESPEN Secretary within the calendar month you apply for AuSPEN membership. After this time, ESPEN will process your membership as per their policy. For further enquiries about your ESPEN membership it is best to contact the ESPEN Membership Secretary on Membership@espen.org


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