Education Committee


The AuSPEN Education Committee was established to provide members and broader community of multidisciplinary health professionals with continuing professional education in clinical nutrition and metabolism.


Aims / function of committee

  • To ensure there is an ongoing education program in situ for members
  • Review the AuSPEN education program annually and ensure appropriate forms of education activities are planned and delivered



  • Devise appropriate speakers and topics for education events
  • Education program budgeting
  • Liaising with sponsors regarding funding and provision of speakers
  • Evaluate education events


Future projects:

  • Annual webinars 2 per year
  • AuSPEN St Marks Intestinal Failure and Rehabilitation Workshop May 2017
  • AuSPEN Advanced Nutrition Course Feb 2018
  • Parenteral Nutrition Consumer Workshop May 2017


Recent projects:

  • Annual webinars 2 per year
  • AuSPEN- St Marks Intestinal Failure and Rehabilitation Workshop Nov 2015
  • AuSPEN Advanced Nutrition Course June 2016



Education Committee Members

Sharon Carey – DN/NSW – Chair

Sue Larsen – CNS/NZ

Nicola Riley – DN/NSW

Ruth Vo – DN/NSW

Clare Ferguson – DN/NSW

Suzie Daniels – DN/NSW

Naomi Page – DN/NSW

Kate Fetterplace – DN/VIC

Azmat Ali – DN/QLD

Siong Pang – DN/QLD

Alice Day – DN/SA

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